Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Uppu Cheedai / Rice Balls


* Rice Flour - 1 cup
* Urud Dhal - 2 tbsp
* Channa Dhal - 2 tsp
* Coconut - Finely Shredded 1/4 cup
* Hing - a pinch
* Salt - 3/4 tsp

* Butter - 2 tbsp
* Sesame Seeds - 2 tsp


* Take a pan, keep at medium heat, put rice flour and saute them for 2 minutes and keep it aside. ( Consistency is that the rice flour should be soft and loose).

* Then soak the channa dhal for atleast 1/2 an hour, then drain and keep it aside.

* Then take a bowl, add the rice flour, urud flour, drained channa dhal, coconut, salt, hing, butter, sesame seeds and mix them well.

* Then add some water and make that into a quite hard dough. ( Don't make it so soft like chapathi, make it little stiff dough.)

* Then make it into small small balls and keep it aside to dry them completely.

* Keep them dry for atleast one to 1 1/2 hour.
* Then heat the oil at medium low heat and add few cheedai and cook till it turns to golden brown color.

* Yummy, crunchy and narukk narukk cheedai is ready.


See while making these cheedai you need to take more care and be so careful. once you r used to that then you'll be fine to make these cheedai.

Take care about these things:

No dust around
No hairs or other particles
No coconut crust

because these particles will make the cheedai burst, ok...

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