Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cheese Macaroni


* Cheese Macaroni ( with Cheese powder ) - 1 box

* Milk - 4 tbsp
* Butter - 1/2 tbsp


Hey friends,

* It's really a very easy process and takes just 10 minutes to prepare.
* Take any brand of cheese macaroni ( Kraft / Kirkland ).
* Boil the macaroni in a container until the macaroni gets tender.
* Then take a pan, add butter and once it melts add the cooked macaroni to that and saute well.
* Then add the milk and cheese powder and stir it until it becomes thick.
* Then it's done, yummy chessy macaroni is ready for the kids to go....

* Hey friends, this is not only for kids yar. It's for all cheese lovers....

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Sadhana said...

Nice and easy one...looks yummy.