Thursday, September 2, 2010

Krishna Jayanthi celebrations

 Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations:

Hi Friends,

I really like to share my celebration of krishna jayanthi with you all...

My recipes on krishna jayanthi were

Uppu Cheedai
Milk with cardamom + sugar
Butter + Sugar + Cardamom
Aval + Jaggery
Sweet Cheedai
Sweet aval
Puli Aval

Then the other decorations i did was i prepared kutti krishnan foot print with paper and clay.

Then i arranged the prasadams and snaps of kutti krishna and i tried a clay model of krishna like he will be sitting under the tree and will be eating vennai from the pot.

Then we just performed the pooja. The recipe descriptions will be given in the coming posts.
Hope you'll enjoy this....

Prayers to all.... be happy and cheerful :)